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[Athens] On Saturday, 25 June, the French boat, Dignity / Karama, left the port of Corsica to meet up with at least nine other vessels sailing to Gaza to challenge Israel’s illegal blockade. Israel’s best efforts to stop our boats at port, including pressure on governments, threats against insurance and communications companies, intimidation of human rights defenders, and other underhanded tactics, have thus far failed. The Freedom Flotilla has set sail.


"Sailing to Gaza"  -Athens, 23/6/2011

"Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human" Press Conference on Monday, June 27, 12pm at ESIEA Hall (20 Akadimias Str. Athens)

The international "Freedom Flotilla II - Stay Human" is ready to sail within the next few days to Gaza. The Greek "Ship to Gaza" initiative, one of the organizers of last year's mission, is also participating in this year's international mission, expressing in this way its solidarity in action with the Palestinian people.


Question (sent on 12 May):

One year after the military action by Israel against a convoy carrying humanitarian aid supplies to Gaza, during which at least ten civilians were killed, another humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza is now being organised, the principal cargo being supplies of stationery for school pupils.

Is the EU and in particular the Commission aware of the new mission that is being organised and what is its position on this matter?

Given the participation of EU Member State nationals and the presence of MEPs, will the EU take any measures to ensure that the personal safety of its nationals is not endangered?
Response of Ban Ki Moon's assistant secretary
The response of Ban ki Moon's Assistant Secretary General for political affairs Oscar Fernandez Taranco. Περισσότερα...
From Sweden:

1.     Henning Mankel - a world wide known author He will be a passenger too.

2.     Judith Butler

3.    Wendy Brown (from the US),

4.     Slavoj Zizek (philosopher Slovenia),

5.     Pierre Schori (former UN ambassador), and

6.     Gosta Ekman (actor) from Sweden,