18 07.2011

Press Release - Heraklion, July 17 2011

Δημοσιεύτηκε στην κατηγορία News - Announcements
The MV Juliano, belonging to the Swedish, Norwegian and Greek initiatives and participating in the international mission “Freedom Flotilla II - Stay Human”, aiming at bringing humanitarian aid and upholding the Palestinians’ human rights, will not be able to sail from Heraklion port and join the French ship “Dignite / Al Karama” in its course towards Gaza. Despite the huge efforts against the impediments devised by the Israeli, Greek and other “willing” sides, the boat is still docked in the Cretan port, since its second flag was also cancelled within a few hours.

Today, Sunday, the soul, heart and mind of the “Ship to Gaza - Greece” initiative are with the French boat “Dignite / Al Karama” and its passengers, among them the coordinator of the Greek initiative, Vangelis Pissias. The small boat, with 16 passengers, representing the whole of the international mission “Freedom Flotilla II - Stay Human”, after breaking the blockade of the Greek territorial waters, has already won a great victory, has proven that persistence, patience and clever strategy can overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable, and is now moving forward, with high spirits, moral advantage, and a political plan, to its final destination. One more step closer to the final breaking and ending the siege of Gaza.

Tomorrow, Monday, the “Ship to Gaza - Greece” initiative will hold a press conference at Heraklion. The shameful, servile stance of the Greek Government, the terrorism, the sabotage, and the violation of every notion of international law - tools used by Israel to stop us - are not daunting us. Today, we may not be able to continue sailing to Gaza, but our will, our persistence and our morale are not broken. Wiser in an operational level, stronger in our souls, and politically productive, we are already preparing ourselves for the next phase of the mission, just as the poet says: “you did everything to bury me but you forgot that I was a seed”