12 07.2011

The IDC urges the Greek Govenrment to unblock the ban order on the Freedom Flotilla

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The International Dockworkers Council (IDC), a trade union representing more than 50,000 port workers worldwide, urges the Greek Government to unblock the ban order on the Freedom Flotilla Gaza-bound ships preventing them from sailing out of Greek ports.

In addition, the IDC calls the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the United States, France, Spain and Canada to break their silence and intercede with the Greek government decision, resolve this situation and offer protection to their citizens.

The Freedom Flotilla is a humanitarian aid mission to the Gaza Strip, where the population is living in appalling conditions as a consequence of the illegal blockade that has been on for more than five years now.
The ban on the Flotilla ships only responds to media, political and economic manipulation and pressure, as the top priority is to keep the commercial and institutional ties of Europe and North America with the State of Israel over the needs of the civilian population.

The initiative to carry humanitarian aid to Gaza has been promoted by the Freedom Flotilla and they should be the ones to carry it. The organisation has complied with all legal requirements and there is no legal justification to block the departure of the flotilla or seek other "official" means of transport.

The IDC joins the voice of all international organisations and activists in their protest against the ban of the Greek government with the permission of the European and American governments and urges them to find an immediate solution to reverse this critical and unfair situation.