06 04.2011

Press conference of representatives of the Freedom Flotilla II

Δημοσιεύτηκε στην κατηγορία News - Announcements
The initiative ''Ship to Gaza" will participate in an international expedition that is sailing to Gaza at the end of May 2011, carrying people and humanitarian aid, expressing and materializing its solidarity with the people of Palestine. In the International Alliance of Freedom Flotilla II take part representatives of movements and initiatives: Algeria, USA, Canada, Scotland, Spain, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Kuwait, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Turkey and organizations of the Palestinian Diaspora.

The International Freedom Flotilla II will consist of about 12 to 15 ships that carry cargo and more than a thousand passengers, including politicians, MEPs, writers, journalists, representatives of religious faiths, of the arts and culture and activists.

Representatives from all the countries and organizations of the Freedom Flotilla 2 will be present in Athens on 9 and April 10 for the international meeting of the Freedom Flotilla II.

The "Ship to Gaza" and the foreign representatives will give a press conference on Monday, April 11, at 11:00, in the hall of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), Nikis St. 4, First Floor, Athens, Greece.