27 01.2011

ELIEZER MAROM, commander of the Israeli Navy who ordered the murderous attack on the Freedom Flotilla is in Greece... Arrest him now!

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According to publications, the Head of the Israeli Navy, Eliezer Marom, has been in Greece since Sunday, upon invitation from his Greek counterpart.

 He is the person mainly responsible for the violent attack on the Freedom Flotilla; of the murders; the piracy; the wounding; torturing; kidnapping and of random detainment; of pirating of ships and theft of objects from those ships, etc. He is one of the Israelis against whom 33 passengers from the boats Free Mediterranean, Sfendoni and Mavi Marmara, as well as two shipping companies, have filed a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT through their Attorneys and commenced legal procedures before the Prosecutor of the Athens Court on 2nd July 2010, for all the offenses committed against them.

 In the Criminal Complaint, the Commander of the Israeli Navy and the others mentioned, are accused of:

  • Seizure by force with the use of military means and forces of the above-mentioned ships that were sailing legally in international waters.

  • Committing acts of violence by the Israeli forces against the passengers - petitioners who are suing for serious and dangerous bodily injuries; kidnapping; illegal detainment; hostage taking; being held in captivity; illegal and violent removal and retention of personal documents, objects, and money held by these passengers; the torturing by denying food, water and medicine; the denial of satisfying personal and natural needs; deprivation of communication; personal insult of human dignity, damage to foreign property etc.

We also remind that:

  • Amongst the ships taking part in this mission, was a cargo ship with a Greek flag and a Greek owned passenger ship. These ships are being obstructed from departing Israel, by raising continuous administrative obstacles and by extortive financial demands that exceed the outrageous amount of Euro 80,000. This, in spite of the explicit commitment of the Israeli and the Greek side, about their agreed immediate release. (As was the case with the Turkish boats, which returned to Turkey 3 months ago).

  • Greek passports – meaning documents belong to the Greek State - are still being withheld, and could possibly be used illegally. (As was the case in the past with European passports – we refer to the murder of Al Mabdouh in Dubai).

  • They continue to withhold and possible illegally use, the personal items of value of the passengers (cameras, computers, mobile phones)

We furthermore state that the war criminals Marom, Netanyahu and Lieberman, cannot visit some European countries because the judicial authorities have initiated procedures for their arrest and referral for their trial. In contradiction, they come and go from Greece as they please, supposedly for ‘big business’ which will soon deflate, but which are being mentioned now for other purposes.

We call on the Greek judicial authorities to do their duty, and call this criminal, the commander of the Israel Navy, Eliezier Marom, to testify before the Greek court for his criminal prosecuting.


Secretariat of the Greek Initiative “Ship to Gaza”

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