25 02.2010

The Initiative

In August 2008, 44 persons from 13 different countries, boarded two Greek fishing boats and broke, for the first time in 41 years, the sea-way blockade of Gaza. These 44 persons could prove to the whole world that ordinary people  having strong will, deep belief in basic human rights and equipped with good planning strategies can defeat an illegal blockade imposed by one of the strongest army in the world . For four successive trips, ships of the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) could successfully break the sea-way blockade of Gaza.

The success of FGM mission inspired many other missions, such as Viva Palestina, to break the siege of Gaza.

After the Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip in December 2008, the missions of the FGM were confronted with military attacks from Israeli forces. The state of Israel is acting like the Pirates of Mediterranean. Ignoring all international and maritime laws, Israel has rammed “Dignity” in December 2008, threatened to drown “Arionas” in January 2009 to hijack it later in June.
In December 2009 and in collaboration with the apartheid state of Israel, the Egyptian authorities have prevented the 1.400 international protesters of Gaza Freedom March to enter Gaza through Rafah border and to march with the Palestinians of Gaza towards Eretz crossing in attempt to lift the siege of Gaza

We are faithful to the long and strong Greek-Palestinian fraternity, friendship and cooperation and we continue to believe in:
-    The right of Palestinians to continue their struggle for freedom and independence.
-    The breaking of the illegal siege of Gaza Strip.
-    The free movement in the Mediterranean sea without any illegal Israeli piracy.

-    The solidarity of nations against any form of injustice.

We are determined to sail again to  Gaza, carrying with us a message of friendship and solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“Ship to Gaza” is our initiative and as part of an international expedition of ships and passengers from many different countries, to sail to the Gaza Strip in spring 2010 carrying aids and supplies to the heroic people of Palestine.

We support:
-    The right of the Palestinian people to live in liberty in their homeland
-    The Palestinian resistance in all its forms in order to liberate their country from the Israeli occupation, and to achieve national independence
-    The right of all Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.

We demand:
-    The  end of Israeli occupation  of Palestine
-    The dismantling of all Israeli settlements in the West Bank and in Gaza Strip
-    The lifting of the land, air and sea  blockade of Gaza
-    The return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland.
-    The release of more than 11.000 Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails.
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